"Section 60"

[Intro: Suspect]
DT5 on the beat
Active Gang, TPL, Free Bills, Free Yolo
A Team step and leave man stretched
DC step and dem man jet

[Verse 1: O'mizz]
4 wheel drive on the Broadwater
Mario Kart, let's go, let's go (Let's go)
Wet man down like Costa coffee or corn fly like Mysterio
Bally on my face, would've thought I was Jo
Chit chat on the net, come taste this pole
O---- ain't slapped off sh*t, he's a joke
Round to the A-Class like Usain Bolt
Circle the O with the sammy on me
Shotgun bark, now I see high knees
Rambo cut through tech fleece
Slice and dice, that's hella mince meat (Hella)
Walk in the place, see hella bad b's
Jakes on my arse, tryna find where I creep
Why pree, why pree?
CPN got me doing high knees (Aw man, runnin')

[Verse 2: Suspect]
They just jump on the net and diss me
Give me a drop and I'll get round quickly
3 man step tryna leave man 6 feet
Had the whole borough under Section 60
This corn here for a man, no YO
Get a man down and we get down pickney
There's no way I'll sleep on a vio
Now you got "Long Live shh" in your bio
This guy that I got no chill
These bells come fat like Uncle Phil
12 gauge short like carton
It got chopped, it used to be tall like Will
Juice gets spilled
Zoots get billed
Come like Match of the Day
The way we bake in the trap and alive the drills
Wait for the call like Willy Hill (RIP)
Or is it a confirmed kill?
Don't catch feelings, we catch bodies (Big ones)
And we don't care how your mum feels
Mask on, chingin', grinnin'
Prayin' CCTV don't catch my grills
f*ck peace
Rest in p*ss, ---- got put in a RAW
See man buckle, fall on the floor
Get bored, scream stop, what you tek this for?
Got ignored and chinged up more
Civilians watchin', oh, war is war
Course my soldiers steppin'
Feel like James when I grip this fours
Two in the Q, that's 007
I'm from the 1st and f*ck with 7s
If I don't catch him, Greasy, get him
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