Rob Curly

"Lust Kills"

You get me right
You get me type.. hype
Me see.. me like
You see me like.. your Mr. Right
I missed a right, maybe couple miles back
This ain't looking right
This love is looking light
I mean like look alive
I mean them emerald eyes
I mean the windows to your soul but I can't see inside
I mean I see the signs
I mean I walk the line
I mean I know them feelings real but they are not divine
Maybe that's the reason.. maybe that's the rhyme
Maybe lust turnt up, that could trick the mind
I mean you know you fine
I mean that's not a line
I mean I hate to say fate just is not in line
But I can't shake the feeling and I can't waste your time
But these the only reasons, no other reasons why
I swear them b*tches lie
How you take they side
Man that tell me everything, this love could not survive

Through insecurities and trust issues
And I swear I feel free, I don't miss you

Sucks to say it but I was feeling stifled
I'm shooting all my shots and that barrel rifled
I guess I'm too young or just not ready
Or maybe you just not the right one and she ain't met me.. yet
I hope it's Indy but hope is useless
So I'm just going with the flow and that flow is ruthless

(Well that's essentially how I feel about life. Full of loneliness and misery and suffering and unhappiness.. and it's all over much too quickly..

Oh well... la di da..)

Hope you don't mind me
I been searching, not finding sh*t
You caught my iris
Girl I got my heart in this

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