Far Caspian


I can never change
Even if she asked
Better than I ever got

Smoking just to feel
The sound that's never mentioned
The sound that's never talked about

Holding off these awful converse
Slowly just to feel alive
But a reason to stay
The reason to face it over and over

Don't you find it's harder when you're down?
Such an obvious reason, but no I'm not a [missing]
Take the time to figure out the sound
Over and over and over and over

I can never say, something in the way
Wishing there was one way out
Finding all the pieces
I left now that its changed
Ever since we found another town

No help, I feel older, I feel it on my shoulders
Smoke fills your broken mind
Better than I thought of
I'm losing what was caught up
I'm Over and over

Don't you find it
All it seems as though we're falling in directions
Don't allow ourselves to lose our conversation
All that I wish
There's many ways in which it calls without a question
And then it flows into our mind, an intervention

Don't you find it's harder when your done
Slowly sinking from the unknown sound
Light that cig it'll help to make the words, come out
And try again

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