Soft Breakables lyrics


​of Montreal

That's not so considerate
I ought to cut off your tongue and show it to you
You are a very bad pus*ycat
You had me fooled for a minute

There is no competition
It's no competition
It's no competition
It's just a conversation

I'm not your enemy sure
Better to avoid that fist
Walls crammed inside a room with a nimbus personality and a lover of

It's no competition
It is gettin' so old

W-o-m-a-n you try to manipulate me
Woman you try to m-a-n-i-p-u-l-a-t-e me

No, no, no, no competition
It's no competition
It's no, no, no, competition
It's just a conversation!
No competition
It's no, no competition
You're no, no no competition
It's gettin' so old!
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