"All Star Link Up"

Add a K to the O, get blammed

[Verse 1: Bandokay]
This shotgun here ain't new
Rusty one, could've been in a war
Now I find myself in the Nine
Creepin' up with my G from the Four
Step on the gas, fully first tour
S got two, Bando wants more
One shot kill, suttin' like hardcore
You can get drilled or hashtag bored

[Verse 2: SJ]
Swing my blade, aim straight for your chest
I put man on the f*cking bench
Go ask YB how he got cheffed
Made my blade rip straight through flesh
Now my twenty two inch got filled with sauce
And look what you f*cking caused
I was on the opp block and we just wan' tour
No Avengers but we're coming for war

[Verse 3: Bandokay]
Edmonton yutes are having a laugh
From '015 to '018, not once did they let that blast
Yo, how many man got bored up?
All up to now they ain't rid for there dargs
When [?] got bored up
In the car I need suttin that barks
I'm with Creepz tryna swing for the heart
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