"All Star Link Up"

Add a K to the O, get blammed

[Verse 1: Bandokay]
This shotgun here ain't new
Rusty one, could've been in a war
Now I find myself in the Nine
Creepin' up with my G from the Four
Step on the gas, fully first tour
S got two, Bando wants more
One shot kill, suttin' like hardcore
You can get drilled or hashtag bored

[Verse 2: SJ]
Swing my blade, aim straight for your chest
I put man on the f*cking bench
Go ask YB how he got cheffed
Made my blade rip straight through flesh
Now my twenty two inch got filled with sauce
And look what you f*cking caused
I was on the opp block and we just wan' tour
No Avengers but we're coming for war

[Verse 3: Bandokay]
Edmonton yutes are having a laugh
From '015 to '018, not once did they let that blast
Yo, how many man got bored up?
All up to now they ain't rid for there dargs
When [?] got bored up
In the car I need suttin that barks
I'm with Creepz tryna swing for the heart

[Verse 3: SJ]
If I reach for my waist, then my yute back up
It was me that caused that mazza
Approach with caution or man get stab up
While the mandem were ravin' in Nappa
I was on the block, patrollin' the manor
Man scoring these goals, Mo Salah
Man rid on the Nine and I spilt bare Fanta

[Verse 4: Double Lz]
Young age when I stepped with the wap
Didn't think twice, just gripped on the mash
Lean out the ride or I Jump Out Gang
Me and bro in the bruck down dinger, that's facts
It won't take me long to itch it and backs
Man back out the Rambs and unclip that
Little did you know that I am sav'
Man pop this door, watch your best friend dash
A&E, where your brodies at
Jump Out Gang, watch bro double tap
Slap this wap, watch you Migraine Skank
Shh got slapped and he didn't ride back
Oh well, I don't know for your batch
We hop out, slap man right in his back
When we pull up on peds with a f*ck off shank
Jump out the ride, ching man and then dash

[Verse 5: Kash]
Them man must take us for eediat
Ain't only at night when we rise up Stars
Man pull up, man pull up with Mad Max
Think it's a race, where the neeks all gone?
Man bruck arff the firing pin from a one-two whiz
Then it's straight to the Farm
Got a jiggle back ting in the nizz
Told her after the pleasure then you gotta go yard
Word I'm most hated in North
But we got things on things, yeah, of course
n*ggas keep chatting bare wass
But the O's, till my bruddas creep up
And a n*gga get bored
I'm a farm block G blud, I ain't no bopper
How many times have we pulled up on oppers?
Knife work specialist do man proper
Countless man about nurses and doctors

[Verse 6: Boogie B]
Roll with killers, dippers, drillers
On sight sinners, the opps ain't slippers
We been 'round there on a one-two whizz
Tryna get a opp down but them boy there rippers
Gyally want love but I'm really tryna get in her nickers
Nick the plug and do a one-two flippers
Shot the grub and then settlin' favours
Ay, with my ting tucked, I move diligent
Cross a line, we move militant
And the ting got packed like Saint Nicholas
Bow, bow, the beef is ridiculous
Bro-bro done him twice, that's quickness
Gang just back it out and move vigorous
Crime scene moving mad, moving-

[Verse 7: Kush]
TT light made the cats wake up
I ain't even gotta send out a text
I bought a two and a Q of the soft from broski
You know I've gotta fling it in the 'rex
I got a black blade clipped on my tracksuit
Just so I know I've got myself in check
Bad B wanna wine and jiggle up chest
Only if she's cute, not rude and dead
Gear down, gotta rev up the gas
Do road, gotta bill up my phone
Then I circle around, even opp blocks
[?] then I go
I still light up my zoot
Take you for the n*ggas over there, that's ghost
And free my bruddas in the cage that's locked


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