Double Lz


[Intro: BandoKay]
K9, is that you yeah?
Fresh Money Baby

Biggz the engineer baby

[Verse 1: BandoKay]
First things first, your homeboy ain't coming back (Gone)
And how you gonna talk about S
Shout KWizz he's bunning that, (Free him up)
Shoot out the window, bun him akh, (Bow)
Like "Why you running?" akh (Don't go)
The same day bro got down my man
Since then they ain't coming back
ANPR in the area, who gives a f*ck just lay low (Lay back)
Then if the gang says so
Old school friend jump out "Ay yo!"
The beef is frying they know
Damn actors like they play Kano
Yo, play it again tape low
Ask that sh*t, buss off windows (Bubu)

[Verse 2: Izzpot]
JMan done got put on my blade, (Ching)
It was us that taped your estate
Couldn't give a toss if my Marj ain't say
Any violation could get you given away (Couldn't give two f*cks)
No shanks but I bussed his face
But I should've got a two on Slim's blade
Rambos get bucked all bait
Ask Fouyad cah' he saw my face, (pus*y)
Circling, circling, gliding 'round
Tryna find where these Niners chill, (Where they at?)
Any yute that I see in the borough
Is gonna hold a woo from this stainless steel
No metal done touched my skin
But ask your broski how that rassclart feels, (Ay ask him)
On the net I can swear they're bad
But open him up and they scream like girls
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