Monte Booker


(Chorus: Bari)

Girl I put that dope on you, dope on you (ooh)
Smoking on that California, California (ooh)
She (?) me than Apollonia, Apollonia
Girl without you this world so dark and lonely , dark and lonely
She a lethal weapon like Murtaugh, yeah she pop off
Yeah she rob me like a (?) yeah she a (?)
Take three to tango, she taste like mangos Yeah we bump that Smi & Sango (?)

(Verse 1: Smino)

Pulled up on em like church pants (SKRRT)
Steve Urkel off to the cash (life it)
Have my di*k in the dirt damn (never)
Thought of quitting the work, put in the work, to picking the picture it’s perfect (ugh)
Infinity fur I’m bicking on beast
My arsenal arson I’m awesome (yeah)
I’m making Missouri a market (Yeah) I’m shaking for tour after August Shawty come make me a memory for me
Gotta an ace cylinder hemi up on me
Strong in the strength in my last perdoname
I feel like Sampson or something
Under stage lights, I be flipping the mic
Cause the mic, it been flipped in my life
Shoot the dice with the planets sh*t
Feel like the world’s in my hands and sh*t Everyday
Oh thank my angels looking down on me
When he back gone make it big and take the crib with me
She say Smino boo my head hurt little mercy go easy
Plus that thang oh taste like mango that’s my favorite sweet

(Bridge: Smino)
That thang my favorite sweet (to eat)
That thang my favorite sweet (to eat)


(Verse 2: Jay2)

I’m on this wave, hopping new trade
Pack smelly stunk like a p*ss stain
You don’t wanna merge in this l-l-lane
Give her what she need like a list came with her
Shorty kinda talk with a lisp bang
Tripping cause she cold with the lick game
I just give her tricks like I been Blaine
And this my world like I been Wayne
I just moved all these Ps before them off in traffic
If 12 pull up we leave em in a casket
Smoke high grades I cheated up in classes
Smoke the dope I use it for my cataracts
Yo girl (?) went drive to see (sea) that’s Patrick
She moving slow for me like molasses (ayye)
I in the box no practice (ayye)
One day Imma wife an actress
I gotta keep the gas like Shell (ugh)
Say this how I try to propel
Crash the Ford, Christian Bale (woah)
It’s my show feel like Chapelle (damn)
n*ggas soft like Dragon Tales (damn)
I just meet a new freak
She gave me head for 2 weeks straight
I don’t f*ck with newbies (ayye) Jay footed too deep (I know) Gangsta’s Paradise, Coolio
I write Tarrentino scriptses, cause my life is like a movie role
Ayye yo bm wanna do me tho
Now She bouncing on this toolie tho
Then I pass to Ricky Rubio
Made a verse a couple (?)


(Bridge) x 4

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