Monte Booker


I’m, goodie with the sh*t
Used to take some hits but now I’m flyer than a b*tch
Flexing a little like I could have like seven kids
Used to dream about all of the things I never did
And now I dream about all of the places on my list
Got tired of only really being able to wish
I’m up for a lifetime, came back to my lifeline
‘19 is the prime time, yeah i’m gonna find mine

[Verse 1]
Hah, hoping for a spot
Hoping that my prayers aren’t asking for a lot
Couple months ago I prayed and prayed i’d get a job
And presently I’m on the flightline looking for some FOD
Grateful and I’m thankful give the glory to my God
All this life has taught me, I’m not master of myself
Came into some lettuce, now I’m mastering my wealth
Jack of all trades, master of none of 'em
Promise no more running from what I had to say
I showed my honeybun off, showed my honeybun off
Let myself go a little, I almost missed the cutoff
Damn I hope that i am not a daddy, I’m not ready for it
Mami lookin pretty in that sundress though I’m ready for it, damn

I wonder what made you upset
See you in that sundress

[Verse 2]
Remember when I went to New York then I hit the barracks
f*ckin' up like all the time, you bet I was embarrassed
You bet you that I cherished all the memories I shared wit
My baby mama, lover, lady, I’m pursuing marriage
Damn, sundresses ain’t looked better on nobody
Except for your body
Baby I’m so sorry, I had to leave
But I ran it back like a VCR
Now I’m fully here so let’s go make a VCR
Daydreaming 'bout having you in my little car
Sitting passenger, lookin out up at the stars
You say they’re very far
I bet they are
You right or whateva girl, I bet they are

I wonder what got you upset
Sitting in that sundress

[Verse 3]
Baby, I just aim to please you
You act like you mad, but I know you love when i tease you
I can’t do it on my own, I really really need you
You’re my favorite fragrance baby, damn I love to breathe you
Loyal to you to the end, I promise my allegiance
To this, Cupid shot the arrow, no miss
Right on target wit' it, I got startled wit' it
And it still feels brand new, all the time

Ton visage est mon spectacle préféré
Tes lèvres ont un goût de bonbon
Votre amour est addictif
À jamais, mon amour

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