Monte Booker


[Verse 1]
Little bit of women been dealing wit' for a while
Hoping that the fanny pack never going outta style
Cups for the emperor had me runnin' a mile
Run your mouth and you guarantee that you get stomped out
Stomp The Yard was your favorite movie, yes I remember that
Remember cold nights in the winter wanting the summer back
But you can't turn back time‚ you really can't do it
Moonlight in the garden‚ I'm wondering if I blew it
Writing up a chorus while I'm riding on a horse
And of course‚ I could never trust another horoscopist
Talk what you gotta talk, boy the floor is open
But maybe I'm too young or shy for this, or I'm too broken
I be off like a minuteman‚ asking me for more than I ever can
But no matter, I'm up a thousand, I'm up for batting
I be swinging for the fences but I'm getting sadder
I see yellow in everything since I met the girl
I see purpose in everyone for a better world

Cabana‚ I do love you
Sitting pretty on my lap, what a view
Let time pass in the cabana, cabana, cabana
I'm your one

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