M.I Abaga

"Drop it like it’s hot"

Drop it like it’s hot (Drop it like it’s hot sample by Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell)

Yeah MI 2000 and...whatever hehehe
Let’s go

Verse 1

Other Rappers say M, drop it like it’s hot
‘N Pop it like a pimple
Keep it simple, there’s a lot
Of artist talking garbage
And the carburetor’s hot
It’s time to take you home
So reverse it out of the park
I’m like liquor, n*gga you could take a shot
Haters with their gloves
Fans with their cameras
You can’t touch the flow coz the MC Hammerer
Nailing your coffin, So macaulay culkin
Good song for the hood son
Watch me walking
Shouting my sh*t, Shutting down sh*t
The HipHop evolver
Pull back the trigger, he spits bullet like revolver
Full of that swagger, got you open like a vulva
Red hot larva, Save your saliva
Study my script like java
The flow is bitter like a larger
Bow down in respect to MI Abaga

Coz I drop it’s like it’s hot
My J-Town say M drop it like it’s hot

My unilag people say drop it like it’s hot
My UJ people say drop it like it’s hot
My girl say M would you drop it like it’s hot
Everybody say...
Ugh...I gotta cough real quick

Verse 2
Yo listen
All my n*gga say: M drop it like it’s hot
The sh*t from your head make them dread like a lock
I can tell it’s my time sorta like a clock
Plus the flow is crazy, so I guess I’m ku-ku
Ehn...n*ggas heading south like Lesotho
Up North Pole, position I roll
Up my sleeves, play my part to make you whole
They just a little fork,I’m the Super-bowl
Wanna wall in my shoes, wanna step in my soles
I dismiss them, I’m a bad guy You’s a victim
Pain in your existence , and the pain in your rectum
This is big brother celebrating your eviction
Showing off make them throw it up like they Bulimic
Lyrically cynic, the flow so anemic
Sick cells, six shells with the pixels(?)
Number one in a peanut
M in a nut shell

Yeah... Drop it like it’s hot
And Ice prince said M drop it like it’s hot
And Jesse jags said M drop it like it’s hot
Cc and M? Say M drop it like it’s hot
All my n*gga say drop it like it’s hot
My n*gga JC say drop it like it’s hot
Mr. ????? Say drop it like it’s hot
Drop it like it’s hot

Verse 3

My girl say M drop it like it’s hot
And get it out the block
And promise that you’ll never stop
Make it fire like that mo gbona feli pop
Make it hot like number 1 already topin the charts
I will, I swear, I vow, I bow
You can’t see me yet but I’m there like your eyebrow
I’m so high brow, I’m premium bred
You is cheap like salt and your type is plenty like sand
I’m a genetical strand, I’m rare(rear) like asses
Nothing but the classics, it’s trouble for you bast*rds
I don’t miss bast*rds as a diss
I mean it like you lack home training while you’re taking a p*ss
With your weak sounding sh*t and your so called hits
You sweating coz you know your flow stinks like armpits right?
So make room for the real Warner brother????
No 1 MI, there will never be another
Who can drop it like it’s hot
Drop it like it’s hot

Yeah Illegal Music 2008 December, get it free online, all y’all
It’s about to be on

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