Crud Daily(Daily Duppy) lyrics



[Verse 1: Ghetts]
How the f*ck you get punched up
With a gun tucked
Lumped up without the sum
That sums up all of you dumb f*cks
Dumb Dumbs without the gun
Shouldn't beef about thirty
But man are too blood thirsty
Left that club drunk without the rum
Work mans cutting out early
Y'all don't know nothing bout certi
Talk is cheap anyone can outword me
I push man to the max no mercy
They keep talking game of thrones but if you look at the stats I'm Cersei
That's another head gone
You can be right and alive or you can be dead wrong
We don't hide the island 'less man in Croatia
We gon find out where you live and go later
Better man down arms close as your nеighbor
Chlorin the mask man no Mr. Vega
No bullsh*t we don't panic
Full clip in thе 'matic
Full clips in the 'matic
Caught him in the traffic
Old school Giggs let him have it
What's that breeze?
Just caught wind of the fatsy
When his friend came back
He was a vegetable sadly
Whatever I letting off right now is going on Jezebel scatty
What blood just ring off the ting and then there's Jezebel happy
That's two different things the mandem we all splashy
Bang, Bang ricoche and ping will somebody tell Ashley
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