Never Change (The Caracal Project Remix) lyrics



[Verse 1]
I don't know how to live
Since we fell through, I dream of you
Buried deep in the feelings I hold on to
I can't let loose
I pray my heart


Out in the cold, in the dirt
Where nobody can hear me cry
Bites from the frost, yeah, it hurts
Trying to lose my f*ckin' mind

Slowly, your ghost
Haunts me with her smile
I just smile back, admitting
I will never change


[Verse 2]
How do you even live?
Knowing we're through, that will not do
If I can't have my freedom, neither should you
You're not immune
So why am I

Out in the cold, in the dirt
While you're probably doing fine?
Black from thе frost, yeah, it's worse
Knowing you will nevеr be mine

Softly, your ghost
Taunts me with her lies
Buried in my own deceptions
I will never change

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