Stars in my head lyrics



Alone, alone, alone, alone, alone
Alone with stars in my head
Alone, time and time again
Again, again, and again, and again

Alone with stars in my head
I know they want me dead
Drugs were my best friend
All these thoughts in my f*cking head

Head, head, I-
f*ck, I need-
I-I bleed
I'm on my knees
I, can’t, be alone (alone)
Alone in a cold-cold world

[Verse 1]
I hate to be, so lonely
I can't stay clean, but I want to be
Will you save me? Not okay, you see?
I just want be, free from everything
I-I hate it here (ahh)
Oh, It's super draining (draining)
It’s so depressing (depressing)
I need to stop stressing (la la la)
Alone with thoughts in my head
I guess I am a f*ck up then
Oh no, I'm f*cked up again
On the floor, and I want more

[Verse 2]
I want more
But, I'm not sure
The walls are moving
And I'm tripping for sure
I guess, I haven't learned (I haven't learned)
Cause tomorrow it will be much worse
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