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Everything's a blur (It's a blur)
Everything's a blur (ooh)
Do you remember still? (ooh)
All that I do, all that I do
I remember, everything, I don't want to
I hate it, I don't need it or want it (or want it)
All I do is remember, trauma and agony
Everything hurts, I hope your hurting too
I wish things were different (I wish they were different)
Wish I could be free of things that haunt me
I see you in my dreams (ahh)
I know what it's to be, never free (never free)
Earth is a scary place
What if we can be free? There's a way to be free
It's 3AM, and I don't want to stay
"But your healing today my love (I know)
But all I do is remember (I remember everything)
(Cause) Everything's a blur
(And) Everything's a blur
Everybody needs love
I think I'm done
I can no longer run
All I can do is remember
All I can do is remember
All I do is, it's so sad, I'm so sad (I'm so sad)
All I can do, that's all I do
I will remember, I will remember
That's all I do, all I can do, ooh
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