Stunna 4 Vegas

"Mr. 1 Take Freestyle"

Stunna 4 Vegas; Verse-

I hop on this b*tch and lose it
My booking number boomin
Young n*gga I just f*cked a cougar
I'm up in natti early like a rooster
These n*ggas stealing, boosters
Running off with my sauce, these n*ggas my students
Lil’ n*gga you lame, buford
That Glock on my hip lil b*tch I ain't scared to use it
Is you stupid, f*ck you think I got it for
It sound like I taught y'all n*ggas how to flow
I hit that nat then I gotta go
Get to that bag I got them meat rolls
Can’t find him it's on his people
We got more gas then a Texaco
He wanted the fire I gave him the regular
Back-ends I'm counting several
This sh*t getting too hectic
Suck my di*k like I'm special
Play with my name and them dogs gone fetch you
Lay in his bush no reggie
Me and slime Boosie and Webbie
We send him up if he test me
He say he gone touch me he flexing
I walk in BOA smelling like gas
I'm finna walk out with them racks
Diss me he don't get a pass
When we see you we bussin' ya ass
New jeep put in sport I'm blowing dope on the highway doing the dash
I’m putting racks in my stash
Put money on all you n*ggas til I’m down on my last
And I meant it
Can't kiss you you catching my semen
I’m hot like the sun phoenix
Big racks my pockets on Cletus
I go blow off 3 racks on sneakers
Or get you whacked off it's cheaper
I'm up on you n*ggas we not equal
f*ck it, I just went up on my features
10 bands on a Friday, you ain't make that in 5 days
Put that iron on him he look at me sideways
My lil n*gga do whatever I say
This sh*t too easy I missed the 1 take
She eat the di*k no first date
I do a hoe the worst way
Lil thot in my DM like I want a percy
I gave her a 30
She gave me head for 30
Man it’s straight good brain she nerdy
Fresh as f*ck I used to be dirty
I remember that hoe used to curve me
Now she want di*k she ain't worthy
You ain't getting no money what's yo purpose
A n*gga f*cking with me where he at I'm searching

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