Fenix Flexin

"Bravo Flexin’ Freestyle"

Fenix Flexin:
I’m sippin’ Clicquot, wit a freak hoe
9 times outta 10 my n*ggas need smoke
I rock designer, boy I been switched up
We been pullin’ you n*ggas’ cards’, man yo ass not tough

Bravo The BagChaser:
n*gga you ain’t tough, whatchu lyin’ for?
b*tch you knew I was a dog, whatchu cryin’ for? (aye)
I can see you n*ggas’ hoes’ through these blindfolds
Talkin' real tough now that lil n*gga life gone, aye

I can count these hunnid's with a blindfold
Imma f*ck his baby momma with the lights on
Only time I'm with the talkin' when the Mic's on
Any n*gga with the talkin' they get Fye'd on

Only time Bravo talk is when I talk my sh*t
Why you trippin' on a hoe, when that's not my b*tch?
And he talkin' like he ballin' when he broke like sh*t
n*gga you been on yo ass, I been on my sh*t, aye

n*gga you been on yo ass, I been on the grind (on the grind)
I be pourin' juice, do it all the time (all the time)
Pull up wit a Glock, pull up wit a 9
Imma grab her by the hair, watch me break her spine

Oooooo, you a dime
And all that but you cannot be mine
Where the vibes?
Free da guys, free da guys, free da guys!
Oooooo, b*tch
You gassed up
f*ck next, you already passed up

b*tch wanna f*ck, then she gotta pay
She gon' go and break some dough, then she on her way
n*gga talkin' bout them low's, boy they on the way
Me and Bravo in yo house, n*gga where the safe? (Where it's at?)
I got that Molly Santana, Fenix f*ckin' Flexin' you know I'm the damn man (you know I'm the damn man)
These Balenciaga's, not no Levi's
b*tch I need my chicken extra deep-fried
We gon' pull up wit them choppas not a peace sign
I'm focused on the plate, you got it? Imma eat mine

Look, you ain't talkin' money b*tch you stupid
And she love me cause I be off on my bullsh*t
Imma boss, so that mean I need a boss b*tch
Imma boss, so my circle full of bosses, oooo
f*ck you thought? (b*tch you thought)
b*tch, you dancin' on my di*k and my Glock
But the muhf*cka's hard as a rock
The way I whip the pot, betcho momma cannot, look
I ain't gon lie, I'm tryna see you drop sum'n
Better not be broke, I'm tryna see you cop sum'n
If yo pockets on broke that's a no-go
Go and dance on my muhf*ckin' Polo, Oooo!

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