Fenix Flexin


Ron-Ron load it up, Ron-Ron load it up

I pop a Perc', feel like Superman (Superman)
I've been sippin' syrup with my hooligans (Woo)
Damn, they done went and brought the tools again (Tools again, Ron-Ron do that sh*t)
Shawty want a Perc', I gave her two for ten (Two for ten)
She don't wanna f*ck me, I'ma choose her friend (Choose her friend)
I ain't want the Bimmer, so I bought the Benz (Bought the Benz)
Put some diamonds in my Cartis, had to change the lens (Bustin')
Catch me out at Rami, I'ma spend a band (Spend a band)
They like, "Ooh, damn, what it cost him?"
I've been grinding with this sh*t, I feel like Eric Koston
We gon' get them packs in, ship 'em out to Boston
VVS's in my mouth, diamonds got no flaws in it
I might put a bag on a n*gga (Put a bag on a n*gga)
I might put a tag on a n*gga (Toe tag)
I might go and do the dash on a n*gga (Do the dash on a n*gga)
I might pull off in the Jag on these n*ggas (In the Jag on these n*ggas)
n*ggas ain't seen ten, but they twenty plus (Twenty plus)
Had the Glock 19 when I rode the bus (Rode the bus)
n*ggas talking like they gang, they ain't one of us (They ain't one of us)
I ain't really with that talking, I'll get you touched
Get you touched up, so I suggest you shut the f*ck up
Just popped another Perky, now a n*gga finna upchuck
She stuck up (For real), lil' n*gga, get them bucks up
I'm riding with the big chop, you know it got the nuts tucked (Chopper on me)
These n*ggas cool, but they ain't cool as us (Cool as us)
She got your faith, but she choosing up (She choosing up)
Now tell me what it got to do with us (Do with us)
These n*ggas sneaky, I don’t do the trust (I don't do the trust)
Twenty bands, watch me play with it (I'ma play with it)
I ain't slipping, boy, I stay with it (Boy, I stay with it)
Clip extended, I'm still aiming it (I'm still aiming it)
I'm too janky for this famous sh*t (For real)
All my n*ggas fighting drug addictions (Drug addictions)
Most my n*ggas facing real convictions (Real convictions)
It's a party, go and pour the lean (Pour it up)
I hang with robbers and prescription fiends
You ain't ready for this lifestyle (Lifestyle)
And she ain't ready 'cause this pipe wild (Pipe wild)
I need that payment full cash, need it right now (Right now)
We gon' do this n*gga dirty, get him wiped down

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