Fenix Flexin


Shoreline mafia sh*t b*tch
You know my n*gga Joshy danko and sh*t off the pour
You know how we roll
n*ggas doing it like that but they ain't doing it like this though ha

Still riding with my n*ggas mane
Still trippin' on you n*ggas
Still sippin drank
Still f*cking n*ggas b*tches
Still getting cake
Still f*ck yo baby mama
Beat it out of frame
Still that same young n*gga with that f*ck sh*t
Still the same n*ggas that you heard was down to buck sh*t
I'm riding in that foreign you still riding on that bus b*tch
All that tough sh*t
n*gga that gon get you touched quick
Still dough hunting on the daily
Still moving with the rock like the 80's
Still f*cking with no rubbers making babies
Still doing n*gga bad make him hate me
Still serving Miley Cyrus and the Stacy
Still beating down yo block like it's navy
I'm still that same young n*gga
I'm still that same young n*gga
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