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Fenix Flexin

[Intro: Fenix Flexin]
Ay ay
pus*y n*gga
Old n*gga
Broke n*gga

[Verse 1: Fenix Flexin]
Ay, I really live that life n*ggas talkin' 'bout (talkin' 'bout)
If it's beef let me know, we finna stomp a [?] (for real)
Ay b*tch, I really get it in (get it in)
I was really on that road where you never been (skrr)
n*gga, 100 bands, b*tch that ain't sh*t (that ain't sh*t)
Pop, go and burn a n*gga like a blank disc (ah)
Wanna talk for the opps, n*gga take this (boom)
Fully auto on that chop, bet I can't miss
Ooh wee god damn, how you wanna do it? (wanna do it)
If it's beef let me know, get to running through it (b*tch)
Oh you wanna keep your life then stop acting stupid (stop acting stupid)
If the cops pull us over, get to acting clueless (shh)
Ay, I keep a glocky in my man bag (man bag)
You n*ggas faking for the gram, don't understand that
Ay, I told that b*tch like where we stand at? (we stand at)
It get tricky in the summer, where your fan at?
You better keep the heat (for real)
Boy I think you n*ggas vegan, you don't want the beef (he's vegan)
They done took my brother from me, see him in my sleep (R.I.P)
I just went and popped a perky now a n*gga geeked (perky)
Ay b*tch, that's just how I rock (how I rock)
I just went and threw a fifty on a russian chop (get it in)
All that dissin' on the net gon' get a n*gga popped (boom)
AKs, we got Glocks, get a n*gga boxed (ah)
I really be outchea thuggin' when you n*ggas not, b*tch
[Verse 2: Peso Peso]
We 4 deep in the Benz [?]
You playing with the gang, in the grave where you end up
I'm on the block right now and I got a [?]
I'm on the stage right now with a new MAC-11
These n*ggas bumpin' on the net but they be hiding, they be timid
And when it's up b*tch it's stuck, yeah we slidin' [?]
And I just [?] a thousand grams of Louis V on my sweater
I got a brand new Glock in my Moncler coat
I got twenty chopsticks when I hop in the Ghost
Finna recruit me a b*tch and make her hop on the [?]
And if you play with my brothers, you get shot in the dome
I got junkies walking in and out the spot like they live here
n*gga make the wrong move in this b*tch, you get killed here
[?] rap but my chain still rolling like a wheelchair
n*ggas hatin', talkin' 'bout they gon' kill me but I'm still here
Don't get too close, get shot
I just hopped inside a Bentley, got my hand on my Glock
I'm in the back of the back getting brain from a thot
b*tch ask me where I'm from, b*tch I came from the block

[Verse 3: Snow Tha Product]
Look, pull an all-nighter with the gang
Someone round me got the thang
If you talkin' like you smart, then we gon' point it at your brain
It's the bad b*tch pulling bad b*tch that pull strings
I am Hollywood livin' but I made it out the tank
Shark up in the lake (yuh), guppies in the way (yuh)
b*tches out here, local joker, robbing state to state
b*tch I'm shining like 3M, my house cost like $3M
I been off a pilly and my b*tch off like three of dem
Grown broke men hatin', really I don't see them
Major labels calling, I ain't taking no meetings
f*ck I look like out here splitting sh*t
If you wasn't with me in the trenches, you ain't getting it
I been getting grip, flipping, I've been getting hella rich
Biggest flex I got is making all my family citizens
f*ck I look like out here splitting sh*t
Biggest flex I got is making all my family citizens
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