Kool Keith

"Uncrushable (Dead Cross Mashup)"

I work all kind of sh*t

I'm on all kinds of sh*t

The flow damage
I'm trying to sell it to the public to refurbish a girl pamper my feet with four nurses
Keep going down on it so urgent her team cover my jack strap detergent
You ladies taking it all behind the VIP curtain
Making you flip time without even cursing
Your ghostwriter home telling you they rehearsing for the worst
Might use Trojan she wanna purchase
True she got good lip service
Tapping from the back your diamonds bend over
She a big curfish

I'm on all kinds of sh*t

Watch you like a quarterback ready to throw you a mouse coming through to the open hole
But I'm laying brittle pants over the fat
Your lady ready with a contraceptive ready in her product bag
Sanitation truck coming through you ain't nothing but garbage and trash
Pee on your left hand you lay up while your broad sip with a Mardi Gras mask
Thong from the fine line with two broken legs
You couldn't guard me with gas
I help you mother keep on the lighting gas
Maneuver inside like a deadly shooter
Watch you enlarge my basketballs on your computer
Off the spin your chick want me to scoop her
Feed you n*ggas a pack of goobers
The south mores moving out to the juniors
Waiting for the senior session
Your man squeeze on your bald head asking question
Waiting for you to return a message
I do what I do my dog squad every on Gibson presence
You turn your fancy car let you clean defecation up for me in front of 7/11
Been running this since distribution by Gabbin
The tong weirdo increase
Your highest family looking up at the land of giants
(giants giants)

Crushing Victims

Bring their guts out

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