Keeping It Real lyrics



Know what I do
Keep that still like [?]
Yes it get sticky like glue (Yeah, woah)
Shawty you know I ain't going crazy 'bout you (Yeah, brr)
Speed in the fast lane, I'm going one hunnid or two
She wanna know if I'm the [?]
But I don't gain nothing from lying to you

Took her on the road (Hey)
But I'm not [?] (Yeah)
n*ggas stealing sauce from me, I can't keep the juice
I got sons going to walk for me
I got all my troops
For every time I flew that b*tch overseas
She [?]

She want Chanel, Bape
She want some nail cash
But you know I won't move like that
She done with me, tell that
But you know that I'm keeping it real
I need racks in my motherf*cking deal
Got you tuned, lil' baby just chill
We can pull up and drive through the hills
[Verse 2]
You livin' lavish, n*gga?
Do it if you really want (Yeah)
Okay I got berserk
Yeah she give me the vibe I want
Baby don't give up [?] no drought
I get money, I don't want a job
And you know I get ice [?]
He want beef he gets sliced
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