Ridin’ Alone lyrics



Can't f*ck wit' these n*ggas I'm ridin' alone
Or I be ridin' wit' 50's, Try again, Baby know that we scheming
n*gga hate, Cause he know that we eatin'
She threw it back, And I gave her a beating
She gave me top, And I told her to eat it
These n*ggas be mad, And I know that they heated
[?] I know she a demon

I'm wit' the lean, I'm pouring a 4, Bankroll, Bankroll, Bankroll
[?] We can do death row, Who gon' slide down with that pole?
Who gon' fill that boy with shells, I don't know man, I don't know
Boy is you willing to catch you a body?
Baby she tweaking, She off of the molly
So sick and tired of thesе clown ass n*ggas tryna hate
But you still wanna stay tryna copy
Hell yeah, Hеll yeah I said it, No, No, I just don't get it
But that's just how we go, So let me leave it alone
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