Right now (Og) lyrics



Yeah, yeah
Faygo ain't for nothin
Pull up with a drumstick
You can catch this pump quick
My n*ggas be nonchalant
Im pull with a stick cause i ain't throwin punches
Eeny miny moe i caught yo hoe right by herr toe, yeah
He think cause he love her that i gotta let her go, yeah
These n*ggas be cappin they dont really get no dough, yeah
I be off these drugs i mixed the fanta with the 4, yeah
Catch me in traffic (boaw)
You could get clapped quick (boaw, boaw!)
f*ck n*gga have it (Yeah!)
Its just a habit (Yeah, yeah)
We get the blastin ya done now yeah (Bleh!)
Put you on a plate and ya lunch now, yeah (Swoo, swoo)

Uh-uh, nah (yeah)
Uh-uh yeah
Go, yeah yeah
Put you on a plate now ya lunch now, yeah
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