Get out my way, get out my way, yeah
(Ayy Woods, light that sh*t up)

Is you retarded? I got them bands galore
Sippin' on drank, I'm sippin' on drank 'til I'm hittin' the floor
She know that I'm poppin', uh, I'mma take off like a rocket, uh
Look at my drip, you can't cop, uh, she suckin' my kids, tell her stop, uh
Get out my way, get out my way, yeah
I'm at the bank, gettin' these bands, yeah
Came with the tank, we got artillery, yeah
Glock up, I ain't scared, this life ain't fair

Yeah, ooh
This life ain't fair

Can't keep my heart in my pocket (No)
Know you not me, so just stop it (Yeah)
She got that ass, told her, "Drop it" (Drop, drop)
He got the space, and he shot it
You do not wanna go to war (Ayy)
You do not wanna go to war
Okay, I'mma book me a flight, I'mma search
If you run up on me, then I'm gripping the torch
I got them bands galore (Uh)
I got them bands, okay
Know that you wanna stay
But no-no you cannot stay with me
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