Snakes lyrics



We up and you kick back
Push a n*gga sh*t back
If you wanna play i got my ak and make it expect dat
I don’t f*ck around you n*gga know i need dem racks
If you run up on me slit dat n*gga like a kitkat

L and V, armani
Need a cheese and need a Green
Dat n*gga run up on me we gon watch a n*gga bleed
All these thotties b*tch liking from my pants to my feet
Boy don’t add me for no hella boy you fake n*gga please
Dat boy talking like he brother till we pull up and we squeeze
If he tough boy ye i doubt it dat boy tweaking and OD
All the drip on me yes i'm drowning heavily
Yes i'm drippin heavily
Oh white heavy me
I want me a cuban Link
I can't stop my ten
We gon make dat lil boy scream
White tee with the hottest T's
And i'm oh i be falling yeah
That's what we took from armani yeah
Stay close to the allie yeah
Do you love me
I say prolly yeah
( bi$hxx )
They gon act like they’re my friends now
Smith&weston with my g’s gon grrt pow
I know you n*ggas are snakes i’m gonna proof it now
If you talk too much i’m gon put you down


You said you gon love me and ride for me
You said you gon love me and die for me
Why you always do that and lie to me
Shooting for you likeee ahhh
Stars in your eyes oh woahhh
Feel it on my heart

Getting all the blue cheese
Kicking hard like Bruce lee
If you tried to rob me i’m gon beat you up
Like bruce wayne

They hate me cuz I found my glow
I told you that i got alot of things to show
No I did it all on my solooo
Shawty i know that keep it on the low low
These n*ggas gold diggers they are my hoes
Lil n*gga tryna act up shove it in his nose
She said I believe in you lil bih you gon blow
They always hate thats why they moving slow
n*ggas talking sh*t but I don’t give a f*ck
n*ggas talking sh*t but I don’t give a f*ck
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