Fast Life lyrics



[Verse 1]
...and calling you out
I know when you play with this fire, (yeah)
b*tch I don't got no grades
I don’t need nobody to tell me nun' (yeah, nun)
Switching up my swag (yeah)
You switching on your mans (wooh)
And my brothers they swear they don't play bout’ me
They gon' pull up on your ass
You ride for the work or cash
Them riches in them stash (ooh, yeah)
I told my dawgs I got them n*ggas for life we can't be last (yeah)
I'm speedin' on the freeway, puttin' a hunnid on the dash (skur)
I put your sh*t on blast, not gon' lie he made me now (cash)
She see i'm with XO and she ask me if I know Nav (oh)
I know that b*tch a eater she got a tattoo on her ass (woah)

Skr, skr, skr, skr (pow)
Boy needa slow down I’m goin’ too fast (woah)
Skr, skr, skr, skr
I needa turn...
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