Call Up Wafi* lyrics


Destroy Lonely

Baby Money, you know what I'm sayin' I'm-
I hope [?] another young n*gga like me

Call up Wafi, tell him I need more diamonds (Diamonds)
b*tch, just stop it (Stop it)
You weren't sh*t before I popped it
We got plenty of choppers (Choppers)
Yeah I swing like helicopters (Brrr)
Throwin' her up in the air, that b*tch get tossed (Tossed, phew)
She taking a look at my room, she meetin' the boss
Check out the wrist, check out the walk (Yah)
Check out the clip, check out the– (Yah)

Too much lean, that hoe their still ain't talkin'
Call up the plug n*gga hold down takin' that choppa (yawk)
Call up thе plug n*gga hold down takin' that
Call up the plug n*gga hold down takin' that
In the truck I'm flyin', first class down to Tokyo, Japan
I got yo b*tch on hold, tryna ride my di*k, but I'm on that Psycho pain
Yеah, too damn high, on G6 fightin', lil' b*tch nah I can't land
Boy I got too many racks in my Goyard pouch, it's like a 'hunnid bands
I got a v8 [?] with a v8 burner, up the street
I got a bad b*tch that check the [?] racks for me
Pushin' [?] way too futuristic, sh*t is clean
I got [?] b*tches [?] in the crib
You would've thought I robbed my jewelry, I got way too many rings
You would've thought my b*tch was a Britney, 'cause she [?]
I'm going dumb, I'm going stupid for getting messed up with my whole team
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