Josiah Williams

"The Game (Triple H) [Remix]"

[Verse One:]
This right here is 25 years in the making
Here’s to the greatness
Look through the times
You’ll see zero fear in the statements
Told you I wouldn’t settle, I’ll wait a year for the payments
You want a star?
Well, look no further, here’s the replacement

I walked in -- No surprises
You see it in my eyes, this is more than terrorizing
Don’t know why they were shocked
When I was showing my defiance
Don’t know why they were shocked when I showed up with a giant
It don’t matter who you wanna send, bring ‘em
King of the Ring
I welcome you to step in my Kingdom

I’m changing the scene
My Time

Straight up cause a ruckus
And if y’all ain’t down with that, then I got two words
(Suck It!)
It’s funny, cause being honest
Y’all don’t live up to the measurement
I’m making y’all relevant
Top level degenerate
Never plan to change, that’s no matter what they say
Cause I am The Game, and I want to play
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