Bloodhound lyrics



Callin' in a mayday, payday
They say everything to get up into my lane
I'll pave ways, make waves, you'll copy clay mate
FPS, you're losing your frames
Take aim, bang bang shrimp
Freestyle big brain waves
Flood the gates y'all quick to simp
Flatbush crop top
Cut short take a fall
No stand walk in with a limp, limp, limp

Steady hating on me now
Not really though they f*ck with my style (Okay)
Nobody gonna pull me down
I'm hyped up take a look at my crowd (Okay)
Label got me on speed dial
Independent you cannot defile (Let's go)
Know I keep the blade tactile
Hostile bite down like a crocodile (Woof)

Wait up, pay up
This my come up (Yeah)
Hatе us, make us
Wanna run up (Yeah)
I'm a stunner
Brеad come, no wonder (Yeah)
Lightning and thunder
Bring the rain upon us
I'm a dog, I'm a dog (Woof)
b*tch, I'm off the leash
Chained up a mistake, b*tch I break the Beast (Woof)
Tell me you want me, no I can't agree (Nah)
Somebody stop me, can't handle all the heat (Pss)

Hot, hot
No the flow don't
Stop, stop
Head just f*ckin'
Bop, bop
Lemme spark and
Hot box
Tick, tock
Non stop
Ride around the
Lot, lot
Think I got some
Jaw lock
Lock jaw
Now we hit the lip lock
Baby got back, think we hit a f*ckin' pit stop
I'm a topknot, not a scout
But I oughta boycott
Take the route
Think I hit a jackpot
Onslaught, word of mouth
Told you, I'm a hot shot, yeah
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