Johnny Gill

"N.E. Heartbreak (Faux Live Version)"

[Intro: New Edition & Announcer]
N.E. heartbreak
The evening's main event, I bring to you
Ronnie, Johnny, Ricky, Mike, and Ralph
Come on, give it up for the New Edition

N.E. heartbreak
Ah, ah
She got it going, got it going on, going on
She got it going, got it get-get going on
She got it going, got it going on, going on
She got it going, got it get-get
N.E. heartbreak
(Peep this)

[Verse 1: Ronnie DeVoe]
In store signing autographs at the mall
Next in line was a fly girl standing tall
Signed my name and said, 'Give me a call, baby, ya know?'
The girl screamed and fainted panic on the floor
The bodyguard pulled us out the back door
I nеver saw her anymore
It was an in-storе heartbreak

[Verse 2: Ralph Tresvant]
Live at five interview for Channel 2
I saw a cutie, thought she was on the TV crew
She said after the show (I'll be waiting for you) Cool
After the show she got in the car and what a scene
Her dad was the driver of the limousine
I didn't know she was only thirteen
It was a young girl heartbreak
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