Johnny Gill

"Boys To Men (Low Key Version)"

[Intro: Johnny Gill]
These are the things that change boys to men

[Verse 1: Johnny Gill]
Growing up can be a pain
You're not a man until you come of age
We've given up our teenage years
In the effort to pursue our career
Who assumes responsibility
Of having to support our families?
Who's protecting us from harm?
Is there anyone around, that we can trust?

[Pre-Chorus 1: New Edition & (Johnny Gill)]
So we search for answers to our questions
(Looking for the answers)
No answers but we are taught a lesson every time (Every time)
Through mistakes wе've learned to gathеr wisdom (Ohhhohhh)
(Life's responsibilities falls in our hands)

[Chorus: New Edition & (Johnny Gill)]
Keep on learning, keep on growing
(Wisdom helps us understand)
We're maturing, without knowing
(These are the things that change boys to men)
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