NLE Choppa

"Shotta Flow 3"

Lyrics From Snippet

n*gga know what the f*ck goin' on, Shotta Flow three
f*ck the police, put a n*gga on a tee, a n*gga get beat
You hear me? n*gga know what the f*ck goin' on, what we sayin?
Ayy, yeah, yeah, yeah

Every show that I do, b*tch you know that I rock it
The mic in my hand, but the Glock in my pocket
n*gga keep dissin', I guess on the topic, these bullets gonna knock the knowledge out of his noggin'
Shotta Flow three you know I'ma G, beat my case I ain't cappin' no Pete
Say you a gangsta, say you a thug, bet you cooperate with police
Yeah, step back up then shoot my thunder
He ain't no boss, lil' n*gga you a runner
This b*tch suckin' my di*k, like a flavored cuc*mber
Yeah, di*k all in her throat, I was touchin' her tonsils
Yeah, hit her from the back, I pulled down her tracks


[Chorus/Verse 2?]
b*tch n*gga you a snitch
My n*gga's they [?], I am a menace
[?] like a shootout, like I'm in a skirmish
Catch up in the Lamb', like I was a [?]
Shot him in the teeth, they call me a dentist
[?] down on my opp, I ain't leavin' no witness
Shootin hunnids' of shots, I won't stop til' it's finished
I [?] in yo' hood, but[?]
And I'm high as a b*tch, cause this perc in my hand
Two 40's on my [?], like I'm rocking some Fendi
b*tch I'm making sh*t sound like I'm doin' the [?]
She got a fat ass, but that b*tch really scare me
And she suckin' my di*k, she in love with my [?]

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