NLE Choppa

"ChopBloc 2"

[Intro: NLE Choppa]
I'm in the booth with a Glock .15
Honorable C.N.O.T.E
Choppa make a n*gga sing
What you say, Chop?
Git git (NLE sh*t, b*tch, git)
Git git

[Verse 1: NLE Choppa]
f*ck it, b*tch I'm thuggin', the Glock, I'm tuckin' (Tuckin')
Up it, I knock yo' muffin, end of discussion (Glltt, glltt)
I don't do no f*ckin' cuffin', I f*ck yo' cousin (Yeah)
She say that my di*k is lovely, I think she love me (Huh, ayy)
Hit him with the Drake, I ain't talkin' 'bout Aubrey
You say you a killer, lil' n*gga you flagin'
And just like a pizza, I want me some toppings
And if it's a problem, you know I'ma solve it (b*tch)
Buckle yo' seat, b*tch I'm ready to drill you
And just like a ghost, I give you the chills (Yeah)
b*tch I'm deep in the water, they call me a seal (Yeah)
You was f*ckin' with me, somehow you got killed
I'm like, "Ooh", I be goin' coupe, I might have to rob you
Pull up where that n*gga work, shoot him though the drive-through
And don't speak up on my name, n*gga, I advise you (b*tch)
I put a bullet through yo' head (Where?)
Right between yo' f*ckin' eyes, fool
I got a tool on me, Handy Mandy, that b*tch dandy
Just like a squirrel, b*tch I want me a nut, just call me Sandy
On Halloween, I was robbin' the kids for that candy
Now, I grew up hittin' licks and these n*ggas, they can't stand it
Drop-top Chop, b*tch I knock that top
I broke a b*tch spinal cord when I gave her backshots
I put a n*gga on Fox
That's if he talkin' to the cops
Choppa how many bodies you got?
b*tch, I got a lot
I put the Perc' up in my Henny so you know I'm gettin' silly
I leave yo' body in the old town road, just like I'm Billy
b*tch I'm Gucci'd down, now, a n*gga used to shop in Tenni's
And all these Pampers-ass hoes really out here feelin' chitty (Yeah yeah)

[Verse 2: Blocboy JB]
Ayy, ayy
That's how you feel (Feel)
I'm on the block with the steel (Steel)
I'm in the club and I'm runnin' these hoes
This sh*t feel like it's track and field
If you talkin' 'bout the crippin' sh*t homie, I been doin' this sh*t for years (Fool)
What the price homie? All this ice on me, this sh*t got me up on chills (Choo)
Ride through the city, with yo' b*tch, get my di*k sucked
Bank account on Antetokounmpo, we gettin' big bucks
Big BN chain name, never got my sh*t took
I heard them n*ggas talkin' smoke, well b*tch you know that sh*t up
Before I work it out with a b*tch I do a sit-up
.40 to his mouth, I gun him down, now he can't get up
I heard the opps talkin', I know how to close their lips up
This sh*t get personal, I put his momma in the pick-up
.40 on my side, Choppa on the left of me
Please don't judge me, all this weed and beef get the best of me
Heard you got a thang for bad b*tches, but yo' b*tch chubby
I could be the ugliest n*gga in the room and yo' b*tch'd still f*ck me
I heard she's got no cash, you on a low budget
You payin' for that ass, you got a whole budget
You gettin' to it with ya' hoe, because yo' how buggin'
I teach that b*tch a lil' Pilates, have her toes touchin'

[Outro: NLE Choppa]
You know what the f*ck goin' on
901 sh*t
Yeah, yeah, ayy, yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (Glltt)

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