NLE Choppa

"Shotta flow 3 turn up"

I wish everything I touch would turn to gold
NLE, you heard me
Baby Mexico Choppa man, top shotta
Baby Mexico shotta
We finna talk our sh*t, you heard me
Why not? Yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I am a menace, keep me a rack just like tennis
I'm with the sh*t like I’m Dennis
I started this sh*t I'ma finish
n*ggas be hatin', tryna blemish my image
Who want the smoke? .223 came with the scope
Extended clip long as a rope
We wipe his nose, just like he had him a cold
I knew that boy was a hoe
Pull up with the gang, you know that we bangin’
What is your set, n*gga? What is you claimin'?
I am a beast, you cannot tame it
Don't point the finger, this sh*t can get dangerous
These n*ggas hatin', these n*ggas plottin'
Ooh, he got money I'm runnin' his wallet
You say you a killer, lil' n*gga stop it
In a shoot out your gun was droppin’
You really a fraud
You cannot stomp on his yard
My n*gga they scammin’, they swipin' them cards
I am so high that I’m talking' to stars
I'm gone off them jiggas, I'm poppin’ them bars
Don't mind my pimpin', b*tch, don't sweat me
Choppa got a kick, call that sh*t Jet Li
Sauce gang drip though, what is your recipe?
Don't get a F if a n*gga try to testin' me
Whole lotta money, whole lotta guala
Hit the party fifty deep, nun' but my shotta
n*gga tried me so you know I had to pop him
So many bullets it confused the doctor
Whole lotta racks, whole lotta stacks
f*ck a headshot, I'ma shoot him in the back
3.5 rolled up in the cack
We don't smoke Reggie, this sh*t called gas
I'm sticked up, like a blind man
I'm super hot, like a frying pan
He said that he gon' take some from me
Ayy, just know, he lyin' man
I'ma up from my hip then blow like a whistle
Your b*tch suckin' di*k like a Kool-Aid pickle
Two bullets in your chest, that's a nipple
And if a n*gga run up I'ma pop him like a pimple
Get rich or die tryin', I'm feelin' like 50
Brand new choppa got double d titties
n*ggas don't play me I don't get silly
Love all the beef like a southwest Philly, yeah
Yeah, love all the beef like a southwest deli, yeah
Ayy, b*tch, love all the beef like a southwest deli
I might just OD, Percs killin' me slowly
Feelin' like I'm Kobe, can't ner' n*gga hol' me
If he wanna run up on me, shoot 'em like Ginobili
And I'm with the sh*t lil' homie, yeah, like I'm Toby, yeah
And I'm with the sh*t lil' homie, yeah, like I'm Toby, yeah
Finna ad-lib, keep all that
(Like a school shooter, like I'm Toby, yeah)
Keep all that Tay, yeah (Huh, huh)
(This sh*t straight drop, lil' n*gga, no cut)
Ayy Tay, keep all that
(Straight drop, lil' n*gga, no cut)
Keep all that, yeah, yeah
(Up from my hip, yeah)

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