NLE Choppa


Pipe that sh*t up, TnT
NLE the Top Shotta I got the bombs like Al-Qaeda
Eh, eh, eh, eh, woah, woah
Life good

[Verse 1]
Soul mission
Soul purpose
Mom knew I was worth it
Since the day that I was birthed and came out of a lurkin'
Lookin' at all of the nurses, she said I was special
Knew that sh*t that was for certain
I would've thought this world was perfect, but it came with some curses
And read between the verses, if the truth you been searchin'
I woke up, I'm alerted, I was feelin' like a servant
I ain't a part of the circus
My soul been overworked
Shе can't handle my burden, but she say shе want a Birkin
I fell asleep in churches, I ain't know what he was chirpin'
Went through myself, I got fake, then prayers start unfoldin'
I know that God real, but not the way that they had told us

Bryson, Bryson, everybody loves Bryson
Bryson, Bryson, everybody loves Bryson
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