NLE Choppa

"Heaven Gates"

Ayy, no, no, ayy

I'ma leave a n*gga at the heaven gates
Off these drugs, b*tch I'm finna meditate
I was at the bottom had to elevate
Totin' big bombs, I'ma detonate
'Cause I'm really really rappin' what I'm livin'
I'ma catch 'em slippin'
Never lose my pivot
33 shots like I'm Scotty Pippen (yeah, yeah)

[Verse 1]
f*ckin' that b*tch 'til dismissal
My choppa so big, hit that b*tch with a missile
She eatin' my di*k like that b*tch a McGriddle
She tickle my pickle and blow like a whistle
Ay, when the beat stop, let some shots off
Watch his body drop, get him knocked off
Knock your block off, waste his top off
Everybody die, it's a-
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