NLE Choppa


Top Shotta got the bombs like Al-Qaeda
Top Shotta
Ayy, ayy, ayy

[Verse 1]
Paradise, cold nights, it's alright
More life, no rights, no cryin'
Both eyes, seeing lights, I'm like "Oh my"
Stir fry, bow tie, with some white guys
Compromising with my life as you [?]
It's hard to find [?]
It's Ramadan every day like I'm Muslim
Change my ways 'cause they rather see a hoodlum
I got a garden now, this the garden of love
I got a daughter now and she [?] she was born
I can't let that sh*t get to my 'cause I know she comin' home
False cases, allegations, but the water in the well
[?] everybody move like this
[?] watch the Cartier glist
Hoes talkin' down, but they know that you the sh*t
Tell 'em suck your di*k
Your soul rich and you leave
I need everybody peep they head up
Put your phone down 'cause that sh*t is negative
Reality ain't what we see
Reality is what we think
Manifesting in my dreams, I'm reachin' out to bigger things
I wanna Rolls Royce driving panoramic
[?] when I'm in the traffic
Worked too hard for this blessing
I'ma talk as if I already got the whip, that's how I manifest it
Know it's destiny
If it cross my mind-
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