NLE Choppa

"Dope In My Sock"

Feds be listenin' cuh, chill out

[Verse 1]
I woke up this mornin', I'm fresh as a b*tch
And I look like a lick
If you play, you get popped
n*gga know I ain't no b*tch
They know that I'm thuggin'
You run up on me? b*tch I keep me a Glock
Police keep patting me down and asking me questions
I got the dope in my sock
You know I don't f*ck with the narcs, don't f*ck with the cops, don't f*ck with the opps they all [?]
You come in the kitchen, she cookin' some chicken
Boy, please smoke him like some weed
Gas got me snoring, I can't stay up, b*tch I'm sleep
Don't want no f*ckin' boring, I just wanna burn your weed
This person got me whoring up off a [?]
Watchu with it jack? I shoot
Haha, I gave him a option
He didn't pick it, so a n*gga like [?]
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