Youngest To Do it lyrics


NLE Choppa

Youngest to do it ahead my time my soul been here for a minute
Pray to lord we killed em' on a drill after that i had repented
Sinnin' and spinnin' I really wanna quit it but the job never finish
Want them and they feelings I couldn't find cuz so his brotha had to get it
Really want peace but these n*ggas keep f*ckin wit me so I'm f*ckin them up in the streets
n*ggas police they can rap on a beat but they still bringing people into beef

Shout out to all my grapes who deep in this gang life to escape
World must be upside down if u see draw my flag
Keepin' it up first drill had a purple rag tied round my facе I was 14 sendin' shots thru wassaname house u can ask lil Trеy
Missing pieces of the puzzle wassaname of wassaname like ruzzle
Patience showing up right before they tried to double side the glory
Tryin to find what I loss like dory but the journey was a struggle
Whole time what I needed right in front of me in my inventory
Woah back on my old sh*t I get u exposed quick
Woah know u whole b*tch my hoe got more nuts than u
Real ain't gotta say they real but I'm more realer than n*ggas who f*ck wit
I done did more for n*ggas than they own fam they still say f*ck me

..... tried to step out of yo position now u living with a regretted decision
When u leave u can't come back I'm on to better things my love
Should've been cut u off I was somewhere hoping sh*t turn great
That was the biggest mistake u fooled me once u don't get two more takes
If I f*cked u wit a glove on my life would be more ok
Lost files, new motors, brand new car V-12 motor
My seats a massage sofa then I fell asleep when I control it
Rolls Royce umbrella God make it rain when I told him
Bro said I ain't got shooting stars till I pointed and I showed em'
My car cost more than my house b*tch I'm lit n*gga on god
God forgive me I been feeling empty
A whole lotta envy been trying to come near me
Repented to killin' I make the decision to kill anything living
They try to come f*ck wit my vision
Seeing the hate through my lenses
I'm blind to the facts or opinions if it goes anything I'm representing
Deep down I'm showing resentment
Touching from being a villain
I live by the fifth amendment every sentence that I'm representing
Don't get intentions that I was intending
No puns intended
But to the people I invented I hope u can apprehend me
Understand where I'm going ......................
Dont tell me I'm tripping
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