Ace Of Spades lyrics


NLE Choppa

n*gga (oh no, oh no) hehehe, Aye I'll tell bro what (oh no) be careful who you trust (oh no, oh no no) cause salt and sugar look just alike for real hehehe yea, aye I'm callin' the shots I'm the youngest in charge they ask "how I'm livin'" I told em' larger the biggest thang on My body is harder (?) but I'm playin' My part act dumb ain't neva showin' you smart ace of spades ain't neva showin' no cards on point I can be on the sharpest she My valentine left her on March next month I was f*ckin' a stock next month I was f*ckin' a model wit ass off than a home-made wafflе My new life might cost My old one brand nеw pipe just to throw My (?) take his life and they say yolo clip long like a bounced it pogo sh*t get ugly like it's momo ridin' solo dolo in a 4 door can't forget the stolo when we get low low don't call popo you know that's a no no got the drop from yo hoe we caught yo bro walkin' out the front door leave em' lost like he was nemo bullets patch his head like kemo still yellin' rest in peace Gino I was Stitch and you was Leo neva mention neva RICO My amigo
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