$tupid Young

"For The Gang (Remix)"

[Verse 1: RG]
n*gga said he from the set
n*gga said he from the gang
Seen that n*gga in the county
n*gga said that he ain’t bang
Hang around with drillas
I ain’t tryna catch a fade
But believe these hands work
This is how I made name
Came from that block
Where you gotta keep a Glock
If you catch a n*gga slippin’
Put em in a box
How you n*ggas saying you real
You told and took a deal
What the f*ck I gotta feel
Get the f*ck up outta here
I’m that n*gga I ain’t talking sh*t
n*ggas talking sh*t
n*ggas slide around
I’ll set you up park your sh*t
A young n*gga it’s a thrill
Just to off some sh*t
Young n*gga hit them cells
And he stay stitched lipped
Real n*gga from the gang
Making plays for my killas
Since a n*gga got some fame
I ain’t change on my n*ggas
From the pen to the streets
I got a rank I’m a hitta
How you hang with your n*ggas
They gon change on you n*ggas
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