Cloudsurfer lyrics


K Suave

Luca, get off the phone
Hey, Armaan, am I invited?

Woah, woah, woah, woah
Woah, ayy, ayy
Yeah, I just got some diamonds
I just spend a lot of cash, yeah, I get a lotta cash
I get a lotta racks
Got tats all on my neck, damn
Got your girl on her knees, she gon' suck me, watch me bless her
You can't sit in my whip, b*tch, this expensive leather
She can't imagine life without me, I keep her together
She wanna hop on that di*k
She wanna know my info, I just be f*cking that b*tch
I told her ass to go low, she do what Simon says
I'm jumping from the top rope, she call me Rob Van Dam
Watch how I flex, she tryna text mе
Your b*tch a freak, she tryna suck my sunny D
I got money on my mеntal, baby, I'm counting up green
I be beating that pus*y up in the ring-ding-ding

Yeah, damn, smoking on dope, I can't see
I got a bad lil' foreign b*tch, only thing she know weewee
Couldn't tell she was cute, she had a mask on, we on quarantine
I be dunking two balls in your b*tch like JaVale McGee
I just booked her a flight for next week, that b*tch gon' f*ck on me
I don't like when them hoes up in my crib, you gotta get an AirBnb
I don't post my main hoes on IG 'cause these n*ggas thirsty
Back then I was broke, but now I walk around with like forty G's
Money rule the world, them hundreds make her twirl
Balling on n*ggas like I'm Derrick
My diamonds colorful like a parrot
I'm with some hoes out in Maryland
But my b*tch a dime, she a ten
My ex b*tch hit me, she got a man
She wanna make love and have a kid
Spitting game to your b*tch, she don't know my lingo
This a Lambo' truck, this not a Durango
I'm riding 'round in Canton with two heats and Hendoo
She don't wanna be around me, my n*ggas in the field like Django
Call of duty, get hit with the scope
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