K Suave

" Indy " lyrics

[Intro: K Suave]
Ayo DRIPZ, this sh*t crazy
New drip, I got new Drip aye
Woah, yeah

[Hook: K Suave]
I love all my Indy, all my Indiana Hoes
I love all my f*ckin' jewelry (yeah), sh*t hit with the lights off (yeah)
Yeah f*ckin' yo b*tch with the lights off yeah
You in a drought, I got, I got racks all around
I got, lean in my cup, bad b*tch rollin' up
Bad b*tch with me too, yo b*tch want me too
I love all my Indy, all my Indiana Hoes
I love all my f*ckin' jewelry

[Verse: Ugly God]
I love all my Indiana hoes, black and white like domino
On the block, got sh*t to do, what the f*ck, I gotta go
K Slime ain't got sh*t to prove, gang, gang, that's the bros
I'm rich as f*ck with sh*t to loose, these n*ggas so minuscule
I don't fake kick it with these rappers, I don't listen to em'
And I don't likе to argue with a b*tch bout what I didn't do
Glock with a clip or two, posted with my n*gga too
You disrespеct the gang, now what's up with you, we gone get into
Put that money where your mouth at, dead, i'm more lit than you
They want me to bounce back (yeah), but I ain't got sh*t to prove
These n*ggas ain't boutta that, nah they some b*tches too
Bring a b*tch thats bout that, she's yours but imma hit it too
b*tch ass n*gga
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