Kill Bill & Rav

"Sunny Day"

[Verse 1: Rav]
Missed each target that's been appointed
Been avoided
Been devoid of poise, spirit
Disappearing voices trigger choices so impulsive
I say things oh so repulsive
I do things that I'm not supposed to
I'm no king of my emotions
I just sing with a smile emoji
But I sink inside and I don't breath
Seems I can't decide what I'm goin' be
Feel imprisoned tight, like I won't leave
I don't know me
Oh you think you're highbrow, huh?
I'm thinkin' you should die now, bruh
Yuh, yuh!
You should put the mic down, bruh
Pipe down
All you little clown types suck
Don't blow my high, just blow me while I'm high
All my harddrives mine, you won't know me 'til I die
I got that young shounen sort of vibe
Ride the flow like a pony when I'm flowin' on the mic

[Verse 2: Kill Bill]
Passionfruit sundaes
Slip inside the gooey stuff
It's all up in the make up
Boy you softer than Kabuki brush
Foolish stuff
High up off a dabber as a slumpin
Chasin' what I'm chasin' I could have a dragon runnin'
Have an asthma attack I'm bumpin'
'Kay I'm drunk I'm finna run away
The list of times I f*cked up is longer than a summer day
Bulbasaur, sunny day
Clouds never shift though
Brain made of rocks with a mouth full of crystals
You know how this sh*t go
Words slick as oil spills
Humans on my back and they've been plottin' how to foil Bill
Internet user
I keep the holo foil grill
I just started cookin', ho the Pantry full o' goiya still
Heart me
Cigarettes and barley
I be in the tar, where the heavens and the stars be
Joined with the crush, be the Hutch to my Starsky
I hate Ruby Tuesdays please don't start me
Bump em' out Marcey
Lungs on Gelato
Everything was dippin like I just won the lotto
I smoke so much reggie b*tch you think my name was Otto
Burnin' through this money b*tch I think I'm El Chapo

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