Erick the Architect

"Basement Cypher"

[Intro: Big Tigger]
Introductions is necessary
They necessary!
We escaping from New York! Ya heard?

[Verse 1: Big Tigger]
It’s been a minute, but ain’t a damn thing changed
I’m still Big Tigger, still doing big things
And it's strange, they treating our culture dirty
'Cause this year, Rap City would eventually turn 30
No conversation, no presentation
No social media posts or celebration
I’m just bringing you the facts and truth
But shoutout to the Beast Coast for bringing back the booth!

[Verse 2: Zombie Juice]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, uh
I’m smoking good b*tch, huh, I can’t complain
I shoulda let my hair down, but f*ck it, let my nuts hang
BABA Juice, fathered dudes, f*ck it, this is child abuse
These n*ggas need their own style, these n*ggas need their own sound
I’m still tryna ride the wave, I hope you motherf*ckers drown
She called it Lake Tahoe when Juicy coming into town
I'm spell casting, I think they cappin', I think they actin'
Attention seeking, just need a reason to bring out the demons
Trippin', a rebel like Jimi Hendrix, this is hard work
Talking independent, got that terp talk
If you tryna hit it, LSD cap, gotta feed the village
I’m a businessman, gentleman, trap star, rap god
Your passport, you had to ask for
I just f*cked your girl 'cause I was that bored, uh!

[Interlude: Issa Gold]
That's my n*gga Juice the capo on the f*cking mic man
It's Issa Gold here man, you know
UA sh*t, Beast Coast sh*t, three time move, my n*gga
Shoutout my n*gga Big Tigger, know what I mean?
We in LA though, know what I mean?
Sitting low in the coupe, you know what I'm talking about, n*gga?
Hold up

[Verse 3: Issa Gold]
Roll a spliff in traffic, sitting low inside the coupe
Legal tint but dark enough to block the suites
Your friends a liar man, you need to tell the truth
That's why we're cuttin' all the snakes and the Judas from our troops
Hold up, sour diesel mania, the plug from Albania
Got a couple choices, he like Starbucks with the flavorin'
Smokin' with my zombies and my goons like Transylvania
My n*ggas got it low by scalpin' tickets out the stadium
My messages is free movies, that’s word to Putlocker
The mumble rappers is fake hot, word to Sriracha
You'se a triple eye but thorough like [?]
Lead the nation like Obama, stuffin' rappers in the locker
I’m a bully on these beats, check the goal like soccer teams
Just solace, not presiding, I’m the honor when I speak
Drop the gavel on a n*gga head, knock him off his feet
Triptonic automatic when I’m gliding through the streets, n*gga!

[Interlude: Meechy Darko]
Hold on, Pow, keep this beat
Keep this beat, I want this beat, I ain't switching sh*t

[Verse 4: Meechy Darko]
Yo, yo, yo, yo, ayo
I just wanna f*ck, catch a vibe with it
Gelato in my blunt, taste like ice cream
I helped make you, why would I violate you?
Lenny Kravitz, black shades, watch me fly away
I'ma rep that Beast Coast until my dying day
n*ggas hate and envy, that's just human nature
If you see me in love, it was a hallucination
Her man ain't home, so when in Rome, he get his slot taken
Designer weed, usually I’m smoking top flavors
I’m on a paper chase, man you just twat chasin'
The block is hot like a burning thot, you are not safe here
It ain't sinnin' if you winnin', feel like God's favorite
She be screaming like a demon when I’m fornicating
Call me Lucifer, it’s weird but the sex amazing
I’m from BK, she from AK, LA, man f*ck it baby
I’m freestylin’, yeah I’m wildin’, yeah I’m going crazy

[Interlude: Issa Gold & Zombie Juice]
The dark one, n*gga!
The dark one, n*gga!
Yo, who next, who next, let's hit it!

[Interlude: Joey Bada$$]
You know what I’m saying
Joey Bada$$, the Badmon
They know that

[Verse 5: Joey Bada$$]
Uh, I gotta get the Skrilla
I got dreams stacked in plenty figures
Sippin' fine white wine chilling in my villa
Smoking on Killa, thinking ‘bout the bigger picture
Underneath the six figure chandelier fixture
Mister, everyday just getting mo’ richer
Act up, I send the real goons, come and get ya
Bodies get dropped, we ain’t playing games of Twister
Puttin' back shots in your mother and your sister
I’m sick and vicious, treating radical buttons like they’re kill switches
I bang on mics ridiculous, won't stop until the kid is ubiquitous
n*ggas know I am the best, they just struggle admitting it
Big di*k energy, I’m emitting it
If she got a fat ass, backstage pass, you know that I’m hittin' it
I ain’t gotta flash cash, but you know that I’m gettin' it
These raps ain’t visions b*tch, I’m already livin' it, yeah

[Issa Gold]
Badmon, Bad one, three time!

[Interlude: AKTHESAVIOR]
Ay, let me get it back, let me catch that sh*t
It’s AK the illest, AK the illest in this b*tch
Beast Coast gang

Ay, ay, ay, uh
I got the heart of the city, so they ride along with me
Always keep a spliff lit, never f*ck with that Whitney
Got a bad b*tch beside me, so I nickname her Kidney
But I never hit it raw ‘cause man don’t want no pickey
Every season I’m on tour n*gga, check the brochure
Got your b*tch on all fours, greet me like ‘Bonjour’
On the south of France shore, but I still hunger more
Why you one hit chasing? Should've got some insurance
Better yet some endurance, like BLO, like a tour
Step on my toes, we ain’t sparring
Grip the weapons like Spartans
n*ggas be reckless, shoot you, go to church next mornin'
f*ck a detective, my alibi was ‘I was recordin’
Send a invoice to the stu so my defensive is stronger
All my n*ggas messed up like tryna deflect a boulder
Pull up on you with the force and tease these n*ggas like Yoda
She gon' ride into the court, so I'ma never disown her
'Bout to tap into the source I put the world on my shoulders, n*gga

[Issa Gold]
Young AK, n*gga!

[Interlude: Kirk Knight]
Yo, yo, yo, yo
Of course, I gotta talk to em
It's Kirk Knight in this motherf*cker
Yo, yeah, yeah, look

[Verse 7: Kirk Knight]
Became an artist, time to make it legit, make it exist
Old soul so I walk with a limp
Speak the naked truth, b*tches catch fits, but now it’s all good
Lick up the smoke in the hood, that’s regular sh*t
Like foreskin, shorty always been on my di*k
But that’s never the focus, there's knowledge to get and knowledge to kick
I called the grip, but this aim, that sh*t took time
And now I’m way too hip, I never waste lines
I’m sipping fine wine that’s word to the grapevine
And I got the Midas touch, every verse is a goldmine
Uh, watch my moves, you could learn something
Look, weeding out my problems, time to burn something
Never get smoke, America’s most blunted
Posted with a lot of grams, rotation, heavy abundance
Look, fast life like a crash dummy
I’m over heads n*gga, you an understudy

[Verse 8: CJ Fly]
Everybody that had doubted me gone eat they words for lunch
Try to hit me with some sh*t, but I had beat 'em to the punch
I was standing outside so long that my fingers start to numb
Been a starving artist for so long that my ribs are starting to touch
Living on that dead end block, where they was dealing indica
n*ggas rocking a buck fifty like ‘We really in the cut’
I thought crackheads went extinct I guess them fiends is really hooked
Couldn't tell by how they move but you could see just by they look
I’m a diamond in the rough, ain’t been shining out enough
You talk wild you getting duff, won't stop 'til I'm as rich as Puff
Work hard ‘til I get what I want
Really soft but talk so tough
Couldn’t take me one on one, you’d probably try and get a gun
I keep the finest in my blunt
Smoking Do-Si and Gelato, you can't find this where you’re from
Spirit guide must be a dragon, I got fire in my lungs
Gas and pines on my taste buds
Could afford to buy a pound and still have my rent for the month

[Interlude: Erick Arc Elliott]
It’s Ark
Yeah, Ay

[Verse 9: Erick Arc Elliott]
Lowkey I’m drama-safe, smoking weed and comic blaze
Rocking shows in outta state
Beast Coast accommodate, in every genre honestly
I’ll be going 'til this time, forming 'til this time of day
Marvin Gaye, all my shorties sweet like some marmalade
Mahogany, the black soul emerging like a flower sleeve
Most live or die young, surviving in these grimy streets
That’s why I gotta beef, sacrifice time to see
Shine from a spirit, devil hear it, without mind to breach
Mindful of the time you keep
Not believing in sinking to the bottom n*gga, even hourly
Shatter the philosophies, Selassie
Not copy, not lovely, just lively, homebodies

[Interlude: Nyck Caution]
You already know, it’s Nyck f*cking Caution baby

[Verse 10: Nyck Caution]
Uh, yeah
It’s Saint Nicholas rapping, paint pictures with
The bars given, make a movie out the sentences
Raise the stakes if you wanna stay sizzling
They gon’ give me mine by the time this tape finished with
Why every white rapper rap quick?
Slow ‘em down, see if they can out rap Nyck
Suck di*k the same mouth you spit facts with?
You not capping, you a catfish
They finally put a legend on the map
So it’s only right I put the masterplan into action
I see my dreams and attract them
I find a weakness and attack them
You dry snitching from a caption
No wonder why the police always got the advantage
In the age of the antics, is 15 minutes really worth all of the damage?

[Issa Gold]
Think about it!

[Outro: Big Tigger]
Aight, listen
Time for the wrap up!
You cappers better step your raps up
'Cause Beast Coast up in this b*tch, about to act up
We gon’ make you all believers
Got Joey, Pro Era, Zombies, Underachievers
Everybody just listen now
'Cause what I’m spitting ain’t never been written down
And I'ma keep you on course
'Cause we escape from New York May 24th!

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