Unseen Bars lyrics



Ay you know what
Van Damage is a pussio, yeah
Sniper is a pussio, yeah
All these MCs are pussios
Jookie Mundo pussio
Double O pussio
Listen, Van Damage is a pum pum
Are you listening?

[Verse 1]
How can a white boy call Skepta a monkey?
You little racist strap, I should push draw for the pumpy
You got a bad way to get the cypress and got stranded in the country
No money for a hotel, so went to Missy beaches
Slept on the deck chairs
And I heard he got punched in the face by North Stars
So I wouldn't go there next year
If I was you and I used to
I don't know whose chatting do do, Flirta or you
Could never ever said that I wanna be in your crew
I'm in Meridian and Roll Deep like having [?] and Gs and more people I'm proud to be a black monkey cuz still, you can say, say

[Verse 2]
It's Skepta, I got the picky afro
Told you before, Boy Better Know
Van Damage ain't got one good flow
He tries too hard but no, no
You look like a homo
You're the sh*ttest MC in SLK
And if I was Flirta I would oooooh
I would kick you outta
[Verse 3]
Bare wasteman wanna diss my tune
Same wasteman wanna spit on my tune
Wasteman bars can't fit on my tune
Try hard, still sound sh*t on my tune
And producers, they wanna bootleg my tune
Clash me and then end up dead on my tune
Just a little reminder of my tune
It was gunshots at Sidewinder for my tune

[Verse 4]
Jookie Mundo can't bring it to Joe
Jookie Mundo ain't got no dough
Jookie Mundo don't earn no wages
Jookie Mundo's been ready to blow for ages
Since Deja 92.3
You wanna smack the same girls as me
So when I see your girlfriend, I'ma say "let's talk about sex baby"
Shut your mouth about "up in the air"
Firing straight, not up in the air
Send double 05 up in the air
Jookie Mundo, up in the air
The whole of East go up in the air
Taliban, who is he? Why is he here?
Tinchy, put the mash on his left ear
Double O don't wanna clash when I'm here
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