Witchouse 40k


I'm sellin my b*tch for fourty thousand
She been actin hella sus and I could use the money right now honestly

Pull up in a ghost, and I leave em as a carcass
Try to take my soul, Imma let the poison dart hit
Come up from the cold, I like b*tches that are toxic
I got lots of gold, lotsa water I got Shark Drip
He get shot up
Ain't no camera this a shotgun
Gang on me, I pullup and I leave me playin possum
Mi Casa, do you wanna step into Mi Bossa
I hit em wita scar, the opposition fulla goners
Polygraph all on your f*ckin body, make your body ache
Lookin like a doctor wit these tools, I make his body shake
Only time I come up out my room is when I got the kay
I smoke em by the pound I f*ckin grew you bought another eighth
Sippin on the syrup, this a waffle cake
Now I'm feelin gone, ain't nobody gonna bother me
Now we cannot talk, I let the choppa do the conversating
Pullup on yo block, and imma make his fukin body break
I don't ever talk but still I'm movin like I say too much
Ollie down your block, I rip yo pocket, then I'm skatin off
f*ckin on yo bish, she on my di*k and then I break her off
Fitty in da clip, if 12 be knockin, I don't pay em off
Walk-in down yo block, wita semi in my right hand
Pullup to the party, no Bacardi, only fightin
Meet me in the lot, I eat yo face up like a titan
Shawty wanna f*ck because she like the way i'm shinnin
All these artists hate in me think I give a f*ck
I got money I got butch now I'm really blowin up
Aye wassup
You b*tch, ain't no rappers pullin up
I just bought yo girl a Patek now yo
b*tch she roll my blunts aye
Aye wassup aye
Aye wassup aye
When I see you at my shows I let my nuts hang
Knuckle up aye
Knuckle up aye
Everytime I play I show we leaving cuts aye

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