"The Dreamer (Freestyle)"

[Verse 1]
I represent the kids that never made the A-team
But they got to live their greatest moments when they day-dream
2018, I came clean with music that wasn't mainstream
Still something that your side and your main streams
Same streets that I maneuvered as a loser
Umama angikhuza, bengizama uku-prova
Ukuthi ngi yinja ye game
Same kid who worked at McDonalds
On that weekend late shift for a 2K payslip
Couldn't buy my new bae bracelets
I knew pain but soon came greatness
A few bank statements
Proof of payment for all the dues I've paid since
"Where does he get those hot flows?"
My H-E-R-O was the late P-R-O
Why he's not here today?
Nami angikeni, God knows
The pain is a lot more severe
When everyone is in your ear
Like you the next him
Correction, I could never live up to that level of perfection
I grew up as an underdog, ngihlal' ngiblomme ebenchin
Got one shot and I grabbed everyone's attention
If I could count the times that I fell, I had to make it
I knew the game could not move itself, I have to shake it
I know that poverty is a spell, I had to break it
And legendary starts with an L, you gotta take it
Ufunde ukuthi uku-faila yinto ekhona
Anyeke si-winne njalo
Never be to cool for umthandazo, bade s'phila ngawo
Angisho sike sa vuka kwa shuba weer, saphinda sa wa
And now we're here to celebrate what's coming
Nje nge baby shower

[Verse 2]
I think love is hate with a mask on it
Nothing's ever real 'till you act on it
You lean with your friends but don't lean on your friends
'Cause you know they're not that solid, they lack knowledge
You gotta do whatever it takes, punch 'till it breaks
Put plans in place and see how it tastes
I had friends that publicized my mistakes
But never publicized my mixtapes
We share Heinekens and we share Stuyvesants
But never opportunities or enlightenment
Compliment accomplishments, boy invite them in
Shine your light, n*gga
Don't find a corner to hide it in
I'm an imperfect man, I just have perfect flows
But I know you'll only love me when my curtains close
Still running from the man that likes to purchase souls
I gave mine to the people, that's just the way it goes

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