I’ma Ghetto Star lyrics



[Verse 1: UZI]

I'm 21, and I still ain't been to Disneyland
[?] was out, and left soldiers dizzy man
Remember me, Young Uz, that Deadly Weapon dude
[?] Gotta' weapon, bet I blam at chu'
And if it ain't loot, then mayne' don't holla' bout' it
Punk b*tches, brought it with bread, I holla bout' it
106 dare me, I only f*ck with family
Keep my chest high, and R.I.P. Dev G
Dope in the do', my heart right there with you folks
Livin' life as a ghetto star, skip witchu' tho'
Sticky dame, catch bullets quick so
Ain't nobody livin' like this, Ghetto Stars and the Mob Figs
I got my gun out, out the world
For all my hard kids, 20 spark kids
Fell down, and got up before mom's did
No fake feelin' it
So tell me how real is this, get blazed in the streets
I'm rappin' from the pain, scar deep
And n*ggas funny to me
If you ain't scar deep, feel me?

[Verse 2: The Jacka]

I'm pushin' down the ave'
With my homeboy Uz
Laid back like Max, metal into the groove
The trealest rappers alive mayne'
I know we can't lose
Bout' time these rappers survive mayne'
We really payin' dues
We really send dimes, attempt violent crimes
Write it down, when I rhyme
Write a rhyme when I'm down
Behind bars, with my nigs'
Writin' bars of this snit
For the Stars, for the Figs
For my mom, for my kids
Smoke a lot of weed, but I never eat pig
Seein' soldier through, on everything I do Allah
Inshallah, I got crack I got hop
I know I should stop, but my sight is too block
[Verse 3: UZI]

I'ma get off with a thug, and movin' rings
Backwood full of green
Watch how they yak when the big wheel pull up in the scene
Then we jump out
Figaz and Stars, n*gga's know what we all bout'
187 like the '80s, dope like [?] n*gga
Yeah, I Mac like Dre
Do [?], in a Caddilac, scrape in the front
Yeah that's mob, is you feelin' that, you can hate if you want
Sharp n*gga like King Freako, keep the heat so
Watch out for my people, straight up gettin' blazed
I'ma captain like crunch, you know these missiles fo' lunch
Any n*gga like Uzi, I'ma eat em' fo' lunch
Cuz' it's soft like [?]

[Verse 4: The Jacka]

[?] And no I do not f' around
And you can tell by the bodies that I left around
You a really get clapped with the 10 round
We been deep, we been killa's
You been deep
You n*gga's ain't got no business with the problem solvers
A witness neva' live, or even say that he saw us
Don't eva' try to pause, out to the boy b*tch
Hit ya' block sideways, cuz' the toy slipped
Getcha' fam, getcha nigs, we don't give a sh*t
You from the bay, you say that you the realest sh*t
You been sh*t befo' I hit you with an illa' clip
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