​iann dior


All this wax it got a n*gga lazy
One night's all it took to drive her crazy
Two times I don't do that ever maybe, just maybe
Let's take a trip, outer space
Palms are sweating once I start to get a taste
All the fame, all the fame, I can't wait
Everything's gonna change, won't be the same

250 150 for sh*tty but I'm still moving
I'm still flipping the patty McDouble
If not I'm in trouble 'cause I need it quick
Feel like the sh*t 'cause I am the sh*t, b*tch
I'ma get rich quick
Come get a hit then dip
Hard to hit with the stick
Lay down and that's it

Cool shawty, heard you was a cool shawty
Do anything for that new body
Ducati (Aye yuh)
Switching lanes
Switching swerving lanes in a 10 speed
Skrt off of your b*tch she dusty
Hit her once and she was lucky

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